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Oct 19

7 thoughts on Biblical Dating

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What does God’s word say about dating? NOTHING!

However, the Bible does talk about relationships and how we are to handle them.

Let’s discuss a few things about dating:

When should you start dating?

There is no definite start time.  No magical number or threshold you cross that begins a dating scene.

So let me offer some biblical guidance.

1 – Pray about it

         Ask God to give you peace about the decision. When He gives you the answer do not try and compromise your way out of His answer.

2 – Talk to your parents/guardians

         Your parents need to be an active role in your immature relationships. They have a vested interest in you and a spiritual responsibility to raise you in the way you should go. This is too big of a decision to act out in defiance. NOT to involve your parents or guardians is a sure sign of immaturity. Your parents will have a bond of peace that God will put over them when you bring home the right man or woman. They know you better than you think they do.

3 - Talk to a spiritual mentor (Small group, Pastor, mentor)

         Talk with your spiritual advisor/mentor. Get an honest assessment of your ability to engage in a relationship.

It is important that you do these things because it will provide you with some “Harbor Lights”. These are “lights” or confirmations that direct your path.

 This also shows that you are mature and that you are doing due diligence to guard your heart!

Song of Songs 3:5

Guard your heart with everything you got!!

So that’s when you are to start dating.

Question: Why are you or do you want to date? Are you lonely, looking for value, enjoy the kissing and holding of hands?

You have to be honest with yourself when asking this question because if you answered YES to any of them…Stop dating.

Never under any circumstances should you ever stoop so low as to have your identity and value come from someone else.

Your identity and value come straight from the creator Himself…God! He is the maker of you and He knows you, intimately. He has directed your steps and has a plan for your life. Do not dishonor Him by getting your identity and value from someone else.

Ephesians 2:10

When we do date?

1 – Accept each other for who they are.

Girls – Muscle bound Guys who comes riding in at the last moment defying all odds is NOT going to happen!! Stop living in a fantasy world! That carries over into your relationships and you put an expectation on the guys and they will never live up to it!

Guys – Model perfect, yet kick butt woman who desperately want you and will stop at nothing to get you…IS NOT going to happen! Stop living in a fantasy world! That carries over into your relationships and you put an expectation on the ladies and they will never live up to it!

Be who God called you to be and chase after Him. He will solidify a relationship for you and there will be a bond of peace between you and them and your harbor lights.

2 – Be equally yoked

2 Corinthians 6:14-16

Unequally yoked does not mean un-friend all people who are not Christians. What Paul is talking about is marriage, Christians marrying non-Christians.

Pursuing oneness is hard enough between two Christians let alone a Christian and a non-Christian.

3 – Do not escalate the relationship based solely on outward appearances.

         A sugarcoated turd is still a turd.

4 – Do not escalate the relationship based solely on inward perceptions.

         They are rich and/or famous

5 – Spend time with each other’s “Harbor Lights”.

         A person’s true character shows itself after a while and promptly when adversity hits.

6 – Ask the hard questions!

         How many people have you had sex with?

         What is your relationship with God like?

         What vision do you have for your life? How do you know?

7 – Keep your relationship accountable.

         Don’t spend a lot of time alone, especially at night, make no provisions for the flesh, and flee from youthful lust!

Why? Because accountability is something you will carry into your marriage

Follow these guidelines and keep yourself right with God and you will have less hurdles to get over during your relationships.

Chase after God!

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