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Oct 14


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 Leadership is probably the most intricate topic to ever come into discussion. Many books and articles have been written and speeches prepared concerning this monstrosity of a topic. Everything from defining it, to applying it, to dissecting it has been covered in some form or fashion. I feel that the topic of leadership is so complex because it varies from person to person. How leadership is displayed or leadership styles differ from person to person depending upon many factors which include but by no means are limited to, a person’s worldview, their up bringing and how they were taught to be a leader. Yet, for as much as leadership is different from person to person there are a few constants within the walls of leadership that will remain no matter who is filling the role.

There are three key foundational elements that I look for when considering a person for leadership.

Faithfulness – This is a deal breaker for me. If a person is not faithful I will never employ them. Faithfulness covers a lot more than just coming to work and being on time. A true leader will be faithful with whatever they are given such as being faithful to handle financial transactions, faithful to accomplish a task when the boss is not standing over them, faithful to do the right thing and be where they are supposed to be without having to be told to be there. Within the spectrum of faithfulness comes the idea that a leader will take what they have been given and make it better. Leaders do not take their money and shove it in a mattress somewhere and hope it will grow. They put it in an account so as to gain interest.

Available – Being available goes hand in hand with being faithful. This is not meant to sound like a leader has to be on call 24/7. It does however; mean that a leader will work for the company not for a paycheck.  A leader who works for a paycheck has proven to be deficient in being faithful. A leader that makes their time, treasures, and talents available for the company to utilize in order to pursue its vision and mission is a leader that will never be unemployed. Side note: A leader has priorities and knows that their family time is important, so is rest and recreation. A leader that has subordinates should be careful to make sure their people are taking care of their families and getting a little R&R.

Teachable – Lastly, a leader has to be teachable. If a leader cannot be taught then they cannot teach and if they cannot teach then they cannot be an effective leader. There are many different phrases that back this point up such as “Leaders are readers” and “You can only take a person as far as you have traveled.” True leaders are always looking to learn something new because they know the minute they quite learning, they become outdated and replaceable.

            These are only three elements that I look for as a start to looking for someone to fill a leadership position. The character of a person is extremely vital and should be examined thoroughly before considering putting a person in a leadership position no matter if it is great or small.

            Are you a FAT leader? Do you have FAT leaders working for you? Are the leaders over you FAT? What steps are you going to take to either grow in your leadership or grow someone else in theirs in order to become FAT leaders?

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