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Dec 02

Get Involved in Advancing the Kingdom

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At Grace Covenant Church, our mission is to advance the Kingdom in our community, in the surrounding areas, and to the ends of the world.


  • Keeping the Bible as the Handbook for life and teaching Biblical truths that will draw people closer to Christ and assist in their understanding of how they are in need of a savior.
  • Living in a manner that will represent Christ to everyone in our community. This is done mainly through our weekly corporate gatherings and our small group system, which helps us build relationships, engage in Biblical discipleship and participate in outreach events that are designed to show the love of Jesus in a practical ways.
  • Remaining an outward-focused church. Cultivating an atmosphere of missions, both locally and around the world, by financially supporting individuals doing the work of missions and by training and equipping people to get involved in missionary work both locally and cross-culturally.

We are asking for your help in accomplishing this Vision and Mission. Here is how you can help-----> ATK Fundraiser

If you want to be part of the most dangerous organization that has ever existed....Now is your chance! But be warned, It will change your life FOREVER!

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Added by Vincent Charron

Below is the letter for the fundraiser.
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