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Nov 17

Grace Means Go!

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We sing about God’s grace, we marvel at God’s grace but when the rubber meets the road in our own lives we tend to run from God so we can keep His grace all to ourselves and we have no qualms asking for more of it! God’s Grace prompts us to GO, but we as the church, often times, tell God no.

Which brings me to one of the short books in the Bible, Jonah. Where we find 2 very important truths that we as Christians should be aware of.

1 – God is on a mission to change the world, a mission to advance His Kingdom. Jonah is the #1 mission’s book in the Bible.

2 – His church is often reluctant to join Him.

            The obstacles of reaching the unreached are not what you think they are. Sure we point our finger at the Porn Industry, Politicians, Terrorism, Muslims, and Sex Trafficking. We even blame Satan himself! But the real obstacle to reaching the lost is God’s very own people. The church of Jesus Christ is hindering the advancement of the Kingdom.

Grace says GO but we want to keep it for ourselves!! We revert back to our first true words as a kid…MINE! My Precious!!

We think we are entitled to things, or are required to have things. We get consumed with the unholy trinity, me, myself and I!

            I want to be happy, I want to feel good, I deserve to be rich, I deserve to be healthy, and I deserve to be happy

From Genesis to Revelation we see God’s own people have been reluctant to do what He has called them to do.

Looking back into at the Old Testament Great commission we can take note of a few things.

Genesis 12:1-4

Verse 4 we see the most powerful 3 words in the Bible.

4So Abram left,

God says bless others by sharing my Grace and I will bless you. God wants people to be conduits of His grace not cul-de-sacs! We, the church, need to be the force that takes the Grace of God to people!

Verse 4

No Bible degree, no questions he just obeyed and went!

Let’s look at what God wants us to do with His Grace because it is true that sometimes we find ourselves in the belly of the whale.

Jonah 1:1-2

            GO – It is in the Old Testament Great Commission and in the New Testament Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19 - Powerful word, which is a commandment – not a suggestion.

Nineveh was a wretched place – people were vile and bloodthirsty. But that is who God was after. Nobody, contrary to our human nature and to popular belief – Nobody is too far-gone for God to reach!

God separates His love for the person from the sins they commit. We can’t do that. We look at people for their actions not through the eyes of God.

Jonah 1:3

Geographically, Jonah went in the opposite direction.

Jonah was very honest – He is writing the book, could have embellished the story a little.

He didn’t because he realized something that we need to realize…

Fleeing from God’s purpose is to flee from God’s presence.

NO presence – No Power of God

If you are short on God’s power it probably because you are short on God’s presence, which is because you are short on God’s purpose in your life!

Jonah 1:4

Interesting thought: Jonah – Made in the image of God – won’t obey

Wind and the storm – obey the voice of God!

Jonah 1:5

Jonah’s running from God – Everyone in the Boat pays the price!

The people around you are affected by your obedience or disobedience to God! Are you trying to get financially free, free from addictions, kids won’t listen; feel like God is to far out of the picture? Check your obedience level!

What if Jonah obeyed? What if you obey?

All the questions of the people out there in the world and the answers to those questions are sit within the church walls every Sunday.

All of the answers to those questions are in the lives of you and me and all the other Christians around the world. If Jesus Christ lives inside of you then the answer to their questions is inside of you. It is the love, peace, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. It turned you around from your wicked path now Jesus wants to use you to turn other people around with the grace he has put in you!

Grace means GO!!

Jonah 1:6-12

Jumping ship was not Jonah’s only option. He could have prayed, repented, but he chose to separate himself from the people.

Jonah 1:13

This gets really interesting. The mariners abandon plan A for plan B.

The one person who has the message of compassion, mercy, and grace is not saying anything. Meanwhile the heathens, who do not know God, don’t know grace and mercy are demonstrating it.

Today we have secular businesses/programs/people/organizations beating the church at their own game. They have a message of hope! They are the ones who are feeding the poor, battling teenage suicide, bullying, Sex trafficking, the porn industry, the only problem is that their message is powerless. It is not for the Kingdom, it does not have eternity stamped on it.

They are running to the battle line with more passion than the church and they are being heard! The problem lies in the fact that they are carrying a powerless message!

Meanwhile the church meets on Sunday and tells the pastor he has a job to do! We get in our comfort zone and we stay there! We bail out every time God tells us to speak to someone or do something outside of our comfort zone. In doing so we rob the people around us of the blessings God has for them and for ourselves. We do not experience the power of God because we are too afraid to get in the presence of God!

Jonah 1:14-17

Jonah did not open his mouth to the men on the boat!! They saw how God deals with people who disobeyed Him and turned from their ways and worshipped Him.

God is going to accomplish His mission here on earth despite us be constantly reluctant to GO. Grace means Go!

3 Lessons from Jonah:

1 – Obey today! Yesterday’s disobedience does not disqualify you today!

2 – Wake up! Do not sleep through the storm. Don’t avoid the storm.

3 – Fear Not! Embrace the mess! God Put’s things in your way for His purpose, So He can bless you!!

The biggest breakthrough in your life is on the other side of what think is fear! Grace means GO!!


Those who have received my compassion give compassion

Those who have received my mercy give mercy

Those who have received my Grace GO and give my grace to others

Because Grace always means GO!

Until Next time - Shalom!

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