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Apr 20

Habit of Studying the Bible

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What is a Habit?

         Definition: regularly repeated behavior pattern – emotionally, physically and mentally


Godly habits lead us to the Grace of God.

We call these godly habits – Disciplines of Grace.

Being disciplined leads us to God who then changes us from the inside out.

Only God can change us, not the habit or discipline, they only lead us to God. Once we are in His presence then He begins the work in us.


The top item in my ministry philosophy is “The Bible is the Handbook for Life.”


     Most followers of Christ (Christians) do not read their Bible regularly; they are believers and they don’t read the word.

     Even though scripture reminds us how important it is to read.

     Paul writes to Timothy 

     2 Timothy 3:14-17


On the other hand we have people who do read BUT are looking for the wrong things.

3 ways NOT to read the Bible                 

     1- As a shortcut!

Like a legal document Trying to figure out:

  • What I can and cannot do?
  • What God will and will not do


2 – As a catalog of blessings or promises!

We start justifying our own selfish intentions by using God’s word as our justification.

Bible is filled with promises but also filled with truths we do not want to be confronted with. We miss the fact that God gets angry at sin. Thoughts like this portray God as a sissy!

God is not a sissy

Look at the wrath of God in the OT:

Exodus 22:22-24

Job 40:11-12


3. As an ink blot test

     Psychologist use this to identify the personalities of people

People try to read the bible and try to make Jesus like them instead of becoming more like Jesus.

People read the bible as a means to confirm or justify their own beliefs and ideas – they believe they are right and that Jesus agrees with them.

How do we read the bible? As a story

Genesis – Revelation is a story


The Bible is a story, but a different type of story – it is a true story

              It is a true story about a creation, made by God in His image, but capable of such evil.

              It is a true story about creation in all of its glory and splendor

              It is a true story about a God, a redemptive God – before we were thought of, he was making a plan to redeem us and provide for us.

Chapter after chapter we read about this God who is always in pursuit!

In pursuit of an intimate relationship with you! Who was willing to lay down his one and only son’s life to make this happen.

What happens when we read the story of redemption is that we find out we are in need of forgiveness/redemption.


Our story merges with the characters of the Bible on the cross. For us Christians we have a happy ending; a “and they lived happily ever after” ending.

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